Working hard and wasting our lives (Ecclesiastes 2:17-23)

One third of our lives spent at work. And they say no one looks back from their death bed and wishes they’d spent more time at the office. Why do we work, labour, and toil? And why does Ecclesiastes describe work as meaningless? At this time of crisis, with jobs on the line, massive unemployment, pay cuts, and business collapses, what are we doing it all for?

5 thoughts on “Working hard and wasting our lives (Ecclesiastes 2:17-23)”

  1. Hi Mark,
    We must recognise that God is a worker and wired us to be workers. We are not meant to sit and contemplate our navel and perhaps this is the point of Ecclesiastes and we mustn’t forget Eccl. 3:22 “So I saw that there is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his work, for that is his lot.”
    All that we do we should do “as to the Lord”.


  2. Hi Dave, Ecclesiastes which obviously has a lot to say about these times we are in. Thanks for presenting them clearly in these accessible short clips. What a wonderful ministry in the time of physical distancing!

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