Quick to listen and slow to speak (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)

My schooling years were characterised by reports that always said much the same thing: “David talks too much and distracts those around him. He would get better outcomes from his work if he listened more and spoke less.”

When it comes to listening to God, we should put away the distractions, think about who it is who’s speaking, and focus attentively on his word. In these days of multi-sensory inputs and high tech gadgets, do you need to turn them off and set aside some time exclusively to listen to God? What might this look like?

One thought on “Quick to listen and slow to speak (Ecclesiastes 5:1-7)”

  1. Do christians actually make promises or indeed vows to God l wonder if the only vows we make are our wedding vows or dedications of our childrem.
    What other vows could we be making? Maybe a vow to speak about Gods request to us to steward his earth? Another thing your post brought to mind was the idea of christian obligation over christian celebration. I wonder if people on their phones is less about not listening and more about not actually wanting to bean there. If we dont come to church with expectation excitement and curiosity why r u coming?

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