Injustice is everywhere (Ecclesiastes 5:8-9)

We see injustice everywhere. But it’s not as simple as pointing to others. If we’re honest within ourselves, we see that it’s not someone else’s doing—it’s our doing. Our hearts are selfish. We’re part of the problem. O, for a just world! But that will mean us changing too. We can see so many problems, but finding a just solution is no easy matter. God, when will you put things right?

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The problem of injustice (Ecclesiastes 3:16-17)

I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately. I think they call it survivor guilt. Why am I doing so well, why is my ‘lockdown’ so comfortable, how have we escaped the impact of this virus? Friends in New York, London, Trento have been confronted by disease and death in their neighbourhoods. From time to time we may feel the problem of injustice acutely. Evildoers escaping judgement. The innocent suffering unfairly. What is God doing? Is he just? Will there be a time for justice?