2 thoughts on “Small groups”

  1. Hello David, just a brief note to say thank you for your book, Hope Beyond a Cure. I was given a copy by a friend, which I am now really grateful for. I have stage 4 pancreatic cancer, with some secondaries to my lungs and abdomin. As a Christian guy, I, like you, started to question my faith. However, in reading your book, it assured me of where my future lies. Thank God for that! In reading your book, it seemed like you were tapping into my mind and thoughts, they at just so similar. I have since purchased extra copies to give to family and friends. I have also posted a copy to the Brisbane Broncos CEO (Paul White) who has cancer of the brain.
    So once again, many thanks for your work in this area and will continue to pray for your ongoing healing and ability to continue to spread the Good News.

    1. Dear Stephen, thank you for taking the time to write to me and encourage me. Especially as you are going through some a difficult time yourself. I’m so pleased this book has helped to strengthen your faith, and thank you for thinking of others also. I saw the episode of Australian Story about Paul White and my wife encouraged me to post him a book. I still will. Getting two will make him think! Are you on immunotherapy such as Keytruda for your cancer? Dave

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