Let’s stop going to church

CrowdGoing to church

Is it like…

Going to school
Going to hospital
Going to the beach

Going to the movies
Going to the markets
Or going to the football


Church is not a building
Church is not an institution
Church is not a spectator sport
Church is not a compulsory ritual
Church is not a task to be completed
Church is a gathering of people who belong to God

Let’s stop going to church and start being the church



The sea was sparkling,
the water was cool,
the surf was a good size.

I took off on a wave,
felt it pushing me forward,
and rode it to the beach.

My lungs were working hard,
sucking in every breath,
it was exhilarating!

Ride after ride,
heaving hard,
gasping for every breath.

Two years since I’d caught a wave,
last year I barely got wet,
and now I’m body surfing!

Simple things,
swimming and surfing,
smiling with joy.

I felt like I’d been given my life back.

Thank you God!

Christmas at Burrill


Christmas is different here at the beach
Nature’s chorus has so much to teach
For God made it all for every and each
To showcase his glorious ways

The ocean is rolling in with a roar
Waves are crashing onto the shore
God’s power and strength we were made to adore
As we celebrate Christmas day

Rosellas screech and call and sing
Kookaburras laughing at everything
They’re caroling praises to the King
To the God who became a boy

The wind dances over the trees
Branches gently sway in the breeze
Dappled light sneaks through the limbs and the leaves
Christmas, God’s gift to enjoy

The garden in the window

  photo[1]  photo

As I lie in bed
I see through my window
our garden of delight
greens and pinks
reds and purples.

drops of water
beading on branches
the sound of rain
trickling through leaves.

blossom will fall
leaves will wither
beauty will fade.
and death will come.

Long ago
another garden
unlike any other
harmony and perfection
the gift of God.

Generously given
so quickly lost
we knew better
than to listen to God
and now it’s gone.

Through another window
the promise of God
a garden to come
a city of joy
a reason for hope.

The Son will return
coming through clouds
restoring the earth
healing the broken
fulfilling our hope.

Turn to the Son
he gave his life
in exchange for yours
hope for the contrite
of a future redeemed.

Please God

Please God
I just want to be well
Is that too much to ask
The pain in my chest and side and back
It worries me
I long for health
I hope for the future
I mourn too soon
Scans today
A look inside
Frightening and illuminating
There’s a fight going on
Chemo versus cancer
Short odds on the cancer
But I’m not a betting man
Please God
Draw me close
Lift my heart to you
Deepen my trust
Strengthen my spirit
Guide me in wisdom
Show me again the riches of your love
May your love change me
And those around me
Please God