Please God

Please God
I just want to be well
Is that too much to ask
The pain in my chest and side and back
It worries me
I long for health
I hope for the future
I mourn too soon
Scans today
A look inside
Frightening and illuminating
There’s a fight going on
Chemo versus cancer
Short odds on the cancer
But I’m not a betting man
Please God
Draw me close
Lift my heart to you
Deepen my trust
Strengthen my spirit
Guide me in wisdom
Show me again the riches of your love
May your love change me
And those around me
Please God

9 thoughts on “Please God”

  1. I ask God to make you well every day too. I also thank Him for you. I try not to be afraid on your behalf and, selfishly, discover fear that there is a cancer brewing in me … your heart-words resonate and prompt reflection at so many levels Dave, but mostly I just ask God to make you well.

  2. Just a simple prayer of faith. Father, thank you for your healing upon David, your Grace and Health
    continue to be in His mouth. Thank you for taking the pain on the cross through the victorious work of Jesus, instead of pain you give health, joy and peace. Amen

  3. thanks for the rawness of your poem… ‘frightening and illuminating’ ….. such a clarity about the tensions involved in every step of your journey.

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