Christmas at Burrill


Christmas is different here at the beach
Nature’s chorus has so much to teach
For God made it all for every and each
To showcase his glorious ways

The ocean is rolling in with a roar
Waves are crashing onto the shore
God’s power and strength we were made to adore
As we celebrate Christmas day

Rosellas screech and call and sing
Kookaburras laughing at everything
They’re caroling praises to the King
To the God who became a boy

The wind dances over the trees
Branches gently sway in the breeze
Dappled light sneaks through the limbs and the leaves
Christmas, God’s gift to enjoy

2 thoughts on “Christmas at Burrill”

  1. Lovely poem, Dave – but I think extra beats are needed in the last verse… something like

    The wind dances over gnarled old trees,

    Branches gently sway in that ocean breeze,

    Hey, we had a great few days with friends at Mollymook and are looking forward to the long weekend at Burrill Pines. I presume the regular Crossroads rendezvous is on.



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