Leaders’ Toolkit

swiss_army_knifeIn this section you will find tools for small group ministry leaders. This toolkit contains articles that focus on different aspects of leadership or group life. The are designed to provide resources for leaders and for those who are coaching or mentoring leaders. From time to time I may amend or update these resources, so please download afresh if you are planning on using them in your ministry. The list below provides a quick index to these tools.

  1. The purpose of growth groups
  2. Leading growth groups
  3. Bible study in growth groups
  4. Prayer in growth groups
  5. Pastoral care in growth groups
  6. Life together in growth groups
  7. Promoting the gospel in growth groups
  8. Rhythm in growth groups
  9. Multiplying leaders in growth groups
  10. Serving the church in growth groups
  11. Sharpening the tools of the trade
  12. Mentoring, coaching and training
  13. Mentoring growth group leaders
  14. Growth group leaders bibliography

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