Journey with cancer 13 Mar 2012

I just noticed that I have a problem! I’ve started to define myself as a cancer patient. Sometimes, with exotic pride… “I have a rare genetic mutation that is driving the cancer.” Sometimes, just the mundane… “I’m sick of being sick all the time.” Sometimes, in boring detail… “Let me tell you the latest side effects of the chemo!” Sometimes, in self pity… “Why is this happening to me?”

The truth is, this way of thinking is a lie and a trap. Always has been. I know that I’m not the sum total of my upbringing, career choices, sporting successes, travels, relationships, accumulated possessions or circumstances. My significance can’t be measured by wealth, or wisdom, or health, or the lack thereof. I believe God has made me for a purpose. Not to wallow in self-pity or be puffed up with pride, but to look outwards to others, to consider others more important than myself, and to put other’s needs before my own. God has shown me how to do that, in Jesus who had everything but incredibly sacrificed it all for you and me. It’s not easy, but please God, help me to remember that it’s not about me.


4 thoughts on “Journey with cancer 13 Mar 2012”

  1. thank you for being honest dave. Brave dave! You’ve challenged me to think about who I think I am and who God says I am and where I am in my ongoing commitment to others; steve and i will keep praying, sincerely in Jesus, beate

  2. Thanks Dave! I suspect we all need to remind ourselves of this sometimes…especially me at times. Your honest reliance on God and his great purpose for you is a great reminder. Jo

  3. Dear brother Dave, how I miss our Holy Spirit speaking through you. Its not about you or me, yet I am sure am sure one of his purposes for you has been to challenge me. Love in Christ Jesus always.Say hi to Fiona for me.

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