Book week

tentIt’s book week in the bush at Burrill. I’ve been looking forward to this week for some time. The time has come to consolidate my thoughts and have a crack at writing a book. I especially want to write something that gives hope to people who have cancer. There are few things more devastating than receiving a diagnosis of terminal cancer. Hope is sucked away and despair threatens to take over. My desire is to offer hope that is more than meaningless platitudes or wishful thinking.

burril_officeSo this is my hermit week. I’ve been given leave from family to set up at the beach. My new house is a tent and camping equipment. My new office is a cabin, trestle table, computer, big screen monitor, Bible and some good books. I’ve got my AeroPress, Porlex grinder, and fresh roasted coffee beans. Russell Morris is playing some good Aussie blues. The beach, the waves and the fish are waiting. Perhaps they can be my reward for inspiration and achievement!

I’ve done some praying, some preparation, some thinking, and some research. It’s time to stop procrastinating with posts like this, and get things happening. I thank God for the opportunity to write. I thank him for the humbling experiences of the past few days. It was important to be forced to acknowledge my pride and to seek God’s forgiveness before kicking this thing off. God has his ways of reminding me to depend on him!

Dear God, please guide me through this process. Please work through me to bring real hope to many who desperately seek it.

3 thoughts on “Book week”

  1. I really hope the week is fruitful Dave. One of my favorite places as a surfer in my early years and the walk from there to pot hole is a must, little secret beach know to only a few. Ask the caretaker if you haven’t already gone there. I’m sure there is a real need for a book on your proposed topic. A mate often quotes to me Prov 13:12 :”Hope deferred makes the heart sick”.

  2. I love know that these posts are coming from that place and that it doesn’t appear to have changed much since I went there as a young child, in high school, at uni and as a trainee (unlike the other South Coast family camping venue of my youth which is now a resort.)

    It’d be a great spot for your earthly body to be buried if/when you come to the end of your days and it’s not transformed into a heavenly one if The final day comes before then.

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