Post scan plans

Since my good scan results, I’ve been asked by a number of people what our plans are. Some have asked if we still have intentions of moving north to Darwin, or whether we see ourselves planting a church somewhere else. Some have wondered if I will take a new role in our church, do more preaching, or take up a new ministry. I’ve been invited to consider training some young preachers, mentoring other pastors, and consulting with some leaders in other churches.

IMG_1774The truth is we don’t know what our plans are. In some ways it doesn’t feel like anything has really changed. I still went for chemo last week. I’m increasingly fatigued and I’m currently struggling to get rid of a chest infection that has knocked me round for two or three weeks. The kids are heavily engaged with school, sports, church and more. Marcus got knocked out in his rugby match today and Grace scored three goals at soccer. Fiona continues her work at the Aboriginal Health Centre and her own personal ministry with people at church. Recently she enjoyed a flying lesson in a Gazelle 25. Not for me though!

I swing like a pendulum in deciding what I can and cannot do. This week I offered to speak at church on the weekend but the following day I managed to nearly lose my voice. Today I was looking forward to spending Fiona’s birthday with her in Wollongong, but I could barely get out of bed after an exhausting night coughing, vomiting, and shivering in minus five degrees. It seems like the cold doesn’t agree with me! Can we move Canberra to the Sunshine Coast please?

This week I need to focus on getting well because things aren’t going to get any warmer. We’re headed to Lithgow for Matt and Elizabeth’s wedding. It’s very exciting to be able to share in this wedding because for many months I literally doubted that I’d live to see the day.

After the wedding we’re headed to warmer climates. Up the NSW coast for some surfing at Byron Bay, further north to Fraser Island for some 4wding and fishing, then some chillaxing at Noosa, before returning to Canberra three weeks later. Praying God will give me the strength to enjoy all this and not be a burden on the family.

God willing, in the latter part of this year I will continue working as a pastor at Crossroads. I plan to focus on the ministry of growth groups and training leaders. I plan to get the book Hope Beyond Cure finished and published and available to those who need it. I hope to work on a book for mentoring small group leaders and I’ve got a few other ideas in the pipeline.

Whatever the plans, I want them to be not about me. The truth is I want to focus on what will make a difference for eternity and for God to receive all the glory.

Not to us, Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.  (Psalm 115:1)

2 thoughts on “Post scan plans”

  1. Psalm 115 is a magnificent one. I think I listened to a talk Phillip Jensen gave on it.
    There’s a great canon on the first verse in Latin, too.
    Thanks for the way you are serving Christ and his church through such incredibly difficult circumstances.

  2. People are so keen to move along with things when good news is given, even miraculous news. The truth is rest is key! And more rest! Glad to hear you are returning to Noosa. Give us a yell if you need/want anything. Definitely warmer than Canberra :)))

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