Scanning – the news – thank God

This week I had further scans to determine if the tumour had regrown or spread into other areas of my upper body or brain. There is always a measure of anxiety at these times. Based on the last scan there would either be ‘no’ news, which would be good, or ‘new’ news, which would be bad.

The news is good—no signs of the cancer—thank God!

foodI’m thankful to God for the way in which he is preserving me. I no longer take life for granted and am more conscious of making the most of the days that God gives me. I’m also determined to take my general health more seriously. While the chemo continues to knock me around, I don’t want to keep using it as an excuse for failing to exercise and eating too much. I’ve recently enrolled in a weight loss program. My aim is to get from 96kgs to somewhere between 80 and 85kgs. photoI’ve also joined an exercise and weights program organised by a sports physiologist who specialises in training people recovering from cancer. It was a tad embarrassing to be shown up by women in their fifties and sixties on my first visit. But then my body hasn’t done anything like this in a long time.

I’ll let you know when I’m a lean mean fighting machine! But I don’t think I’ll be showing my before and after photos.

8 thoughts on “Scanning – the news – thank God”

  1. Great news and all here rejoice in it. Weight loss and an improvement of fitness is a worthy objective and we will support you in that also. We are sure you can make it. My experience during chemo was a weight drop from mid-nineties to 80 kg and now holding at 85 kg in remission. Sadly the fitness level has never fully recovered, but that may also be a product of the other factor in the equation – years. More important than comparing self to others will be comparing second visit results to first, and so on.. Glad also that the flow of non-cancer macarisms has re-commenced.

  2. What – no before (frowning black and white) and after (full colour smiling)? Thinking about you Dave and all the good things God gives us through you.

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