Under contract

ContractOn Friday I signed a contract with Matthias Media for them to publish my book, Hope beyond cure. I’m very excited to have this opportunity. It’s not a book I ever envisaged writing—actually I never envisaged writing any book. My desire is for this book to encourage people. I pray that people will journey with me as I explore where hope can be found. I thank God that he has given me this opportunity.

Thank you to all of you who encouraged me to write. It has been a steep learning curve, but I hope what I’ve learned will encourage others. At this stage, we are expecting the book to be available sometime early in the new year. It won’t be ready for Christmas, but then it’s not really a Christmas present type of book. If you know people who are doing it tough, struggling to find purpose in life, have questions and doubts regarding faith, going through serious illness, even facing off against death, or just like reading—this could be for them. I believe it engages with many of the serious questions we all face, but rarely discuss—but I’ll leave it to you to decide (shameless early plug)!

7 thoughts on “Under contract”

  1. I also rejoice at the news of a contract for Hope beyond Cure and pray that the book will be an encouragement and blessing to many. With the (almost) completion of your first book, is it time to begin thinking about the second?
    Macarisms began as a journal of a personal journey with cancer, but it has served other valuable purposes – an anthology of book reviews for Christian leaders and others as well as your own tool kit for leaders at Crossroads. Perhaps within these reviews and writings there is the embryo of a compendium of Biblical and other resources, addressing issues of leadership in Christian community. Whilst reading them, my mind was frequently drawn to congregations and situations I know and have known in a variety of congregations.and the value such resources and understanding may have been during difficult or unfocussed times.
    Your writing is very much shaped by your experience of twenty plus years at Crossroads and the nature of leadership in that style of congregation. However,, your history, experience and connections could assist you in shaping a resource which could be equally valuable in denominational churches of various ‘colours”.
    Whether this is the direction of your next writing is a matter in which I pray that God will clearly guide you. I just pray at this point that God will keep alive that new flame of ministry that has been lit for you along the cancer road.

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