A bucket list prayer answered

liamAs I lay in hospital nearly two years ago, I prayed that God would be gracious to me and allow me to live long enough to meet my first grandchild. Mind you, I didn’t share this prayer point with my children because I didn’t want to put any pressure on them! Well, two weeks ago God answered my bucket list prayer when Liam John was born to Sharon and Luke. We love him. I have to pinch myself to believe that I’m actually a grandpa, but it’s pretty cool. He doesn’t say much, but we like hanging out together in the hammock in our backyard!

11 thoughts on “A bucket list prayer answered”

  1. Congratulations Grandpa Dave. Glad to see that so many of your prayers have been answered over the past couple of years. We continue to pray for you for a complete recovery. Take care and enjoy your time with Liam John.

  2. I prayed that too and now am praying you get to “hang out” with your great grandchildren!! (Though your knees may struggle climbing a hammock by then 🙂 ) So very thankful to God with you all!!

  3. As the great grandparents of Liam John, we too are rejoicing for Liam, with parents Sharon and Luke, and with grandparents Fiona and David. We look forward to meeting Liam and are confident that great grand-dad will be able to cope with the hammock.

  4. The Lord held you up through this difficult time & being a grandparent Dave would be a real blessing from the Lord.

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