P Day

HBCToday is P Day. It’s the day that Hope Beyond Cure gets sent to the printers. I didn’t want to get cancer.  I wasn’t supposed to be alive two years later. I never planned to write a book. I didn’t expect I ever would. But here it is! 

I’ve been so encouraged during this process. The care and guidance of Tara, Emma, Tony and others. The feedback, comments, and advice of family and many special friends. The encouragement and support of medical staff, people at church, friends at the Brumbies, good mates, a loving wife, awesome kids.

My prayer is that this book will offer hope to those who lack it. I want to point people to real and substantial hope. If people are struggling with cancer, experiencing suffering and pain, lacking purpose and meaning, searching for truth, investigating faith, rethinking their lives and futures, then I hope this book can be part of the conversation. If they’d just like to see what matters matter to a fellow human being, then I hope my story will enrich their lives. If people have an open mind, then this is for them.

I understand it should be available some time in January 2014. It won’t be out for Christmas, but then it’s probably not a stocking-filler anyway. I just thank God that it’s happening!

13 thoughts on “P Day”

  1. I am glad to hear it is in publishing. I sure would love a copy. Not sure how to get one from here though.

    Save one for me. We still have a goal to visit Australia again.

    Hello to the family. Hugs and cheers.

    Laura R Burns

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  2. It’s been a tough road … Praise The Lord for the living hope there is in Jesus. Thanks be to God for giving you the vision and ability to write this book. Look forward to the read!
    God bless you brother

  3. Congratulations Dave! We praise God for the way he has used you and Fiona. We look forward to reading your book one day. David & Jen

  4. Congratulations for finshing the book Macca. Really looking forward to getting my copies in 2014. A few people in my life who can be encouraged by this perspective…hope beyond cure. Praise God for sustaining u this far and we pray for many more years to come. Love Bernice

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