Getting the book out

launchThe last two Sundays have been busy-busy days, not least because we have been launching my book at Central and Crossroads congregations. It’s been a thrill to see people eager to read this story and be encouraged. But it’s been even more exciting to see people buying the book to give away. Some have picked up five, ten, twenty, even forty copies to give away.

I’ve been deeply gratified and humbled to be able to write brief notes to people in the front. An encouraging word to someone battling with advanced cancer, a note of comfort to one whose mother has recently passed away, a note encouraging someone to look carefully at this promise of hope. What a privilege to share with so many people who are keen to love and encourage others.

People have told me they love the fact that this is a short book! They’ve written and thanked me for being willing to share my story—which, by the way, it isn’t—this is a book about hope in God, not self. I’ve asked permission to pass on the following note from a friend who is struggling with Motor Neurone Disease. He was a preacher and a singer, but he can no longer use his voice because of this destructive illness. He shared with me these kind words…

Hi Dave
Your book arrived in the mail today – thank you so much for it.
I did something I’ve never done before with a book, long or short – devoured it in one sitting!
Bravo – you have brilliantly encapsulated the essence of faith and the reasons for belief in the midst of your own very powerful story.
I can identify with everything – the grief, the groaning, and sense of loss, and the questioning – not just of God but of my own life and its worth.
It’s all brilliantly expressed and becomes a wonderful witness to our hope in Jesus.
So thanks – it’s THE book I’ll be recommending on sickness and finding hope.

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