I’m overjoyed at the reach and impact Hope Beyond Cure is having, and how God is using this book to give people—all sorts of people—real and lasting hope. I received this message from a friend last week. The names have been changed…

Hi Dave,

Spoke to a friend of mine who works at the Catholic Aged Care facility. She noticed your book on Sister Mary’s desk and asked her about it (Sister Mary is the chaplain). Sister Mary raved about it, apparently it has been passed around to all the old nuns and priests, many of whom are terminally ill. She explained to Robyn, my friend, that many are afraid of death because they are afraid that they have not done enough good works to get to heaven. They have been so excited about the book that they can have assurance of eternal life. A number of the nuns have given up the struggle to live and died peacefully after reading the book, thankful that finally they can be sure of being with their heavenly father! All I can say in response to this is WOW. Robyn is going to ask Sister Mary to write to you.

Your sister in Christ

5 thoughts on “Wow!”

  1. This made me all teary! What an awesome God!! Praising Him with you. And I’m so thankful for the way He’s encouraging you with such testimonies

  2. Email from close friend with DEVIC’s DISEASE received today

    Dear folks HOME SWEET HOME!!

    Eventually came home last night, great to sleep in my own bed in quiet surroundings! Very tired but will rest up & try to get on with my life.
    Will need to go to Canberra monthly to get my cyclophosphamide infusion for 6 months……….
    Re read the book Hope Beyond Cure which was helpful again hope all is well with you folks.

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