Worth celebrating

IMG_2218Today marks exactly two and a half years since I was admitted to hospital with lung cancer. It’s normal in cancer circles to speak about 5 year survival rates. With stage 4 lung cancer the 5 year survival is very low indeed. Well, here I am, doing well, 40 something chemo cycles later, generally pretty healthy, back into regular ministry, enjoying my grandson, time with my family… plenty to thank God for!

Saturday marked another anniversary—my first birthday as NED! On May 31 2013, the CT scan report declared me to be NED (no evidence of disease). Recent scans confirmed that I am still NED a year later. Thank you God!

I mentioned to Steve Larkham last week that this was an important anniversary weekend for me. He called back and invited me to address the players at the captains run, before presenting each player with his jersey for the game against the Rebels. This was an honour indeed, and I shared with them how my circumstances had led me to number my days, take nothing for granted, make the most of my opportunities, and prioritise what I value most.

IMG_2230It was a great night on Saturday. I enjoyed watching the Brumbies with my family. Liam got to take in the atmosphere from the sidelines before the game, as well as meeting the Brumbies mascot, Brumby Jack. Our team had their most convincing win of the year, collecting a bonus point against the Rebels. After the game, I got to catch up with Julian Huxley (former Brumby/Rebel and brain cancer survivor) and we shared a few words and a few hugs. The coaches, Laurie, Stephen, and a few others suggested I give the speech before other games if we’re going to win like that each time. I think I’ll keep my record intact with one-from-one!

7 thoughts on “Worth celebrating”

  1. Hi Dave,
    What awesome news about your NED anniversary!! Love the photo of you and Liam too – he is too cute! We will not stop praying and giving thanks to God for his favour and miracle in your health circumstances.
    Lots of love, Bxx

  2. I love your enthusiasm for life, your unquenchable faith, and your strong desire to live each day as a wonderful gift from God, David. As a fellow cancer sufferer/survivor (cancerous tumor removed from my right ear 9 months ago), I found your book to be a most inspiring, challenging, and heartfelt story of God’s goodness and love in all of life’s circumstances. Praise God for your ministry and your example.

  3. Well done Macca, and thank you God. As you’re probably aware cancer sucks and it took my dad on Saturday night. Pleased for the Brumbies. Sad for the Bennetts.
    Your brother and mate. Keep up the fight.

  4. Thanks for sharing your journey – it is very real and very encouraging. Thanking God for NED and also for the ministry that you have had and continue to have !

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