ALK+ lung cancer drug now affordable

jayNo, I’m not applauding the government or the PBS. None of us understand why Australia has to lag so far behind much of the world in making advanced cancer treatments available to those who need them. Crizotinib still hasn’t made it onto the PBS despite the recommendation of the PBAC. Until recently needy patients were forced to find around $8000 per month or miss out. Some people have had to sell important assets or spend all their time fund raising just to stay alive.

But I do want to thank Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for making Crizotinib available to those who need it on a special access scheme. Quality health care should be available to all—not only those with very deep pockets. It’s time for the PBS to catch up.

Last week I had the privilege of catching up with Jay, a fellow ALK+ survivor living in Brisbane. Take a look at his video.

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