Recommended reading (May 13)

readingWhy these 66 books? by Nathan Busenitz is a simple and clear introduction to understanding the canon of Scripture. This article helpfully anchors the basis of defining the biblical canon, not in church councils or decisions, but in Jesus Christ himself.

On the path to the cancer ward by Jean Williams instantly grabbed my attention. Not simply because I know this scenario well, but because I am always encouraged and occasionally rebuked as I read Jean’s sympathetic reflections on suffering in the light of God’s Word.

How to shut down gossip by Erik Raymond tackles the perennial problem of gossip among God’s people. I suspect gossip is one of the respectable sins that we either consider to awkward to address, or don’t want to tackle because we enjoy it too much. If you are wondering, I think ‘RPG’ stands for rocket propelled grenade!

Making Meetings Effective is something we all want to do. I keep hearing people in all walks of life, including and especially churches, lamenting the frustrations of unproductive meetings. Craig Schafer reminds us of the importance of two often neglected tools.

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