Recommended reading (4 June)

readingWhen it comes to pastoral care, it’s not one size fits all. Nicholas Batzig has written a helpful article on The Complexity of Pastoral Care.

Given the ubiquity of pornography and the many temptations on the internet, buying your child a smart phone is a major decision and needs appropriate guidance. Tim Challies offers helpful advice in his article Letter to teens unboxing their first smartphone.

Having attended three funerals in the past month of friends who’ve died from cancer, I appreciate the gravitas of this article by Marcus Brotherton reflecting on his friend’s life: Five wise principles gleaned from a too-short life of excellence.

Nancie Guthrie shares some insights from experience on What not to ask someone who’s suffering.

I’ve recently read  and reviewed a superb book about Wisdom in Leadership by Craig Hamilton. I expect to repost the review on this site in the future.

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