Good news scans

IMG_1783Yesterday I had a routine CT scan to check on any progression of my cancer. Thank God, there was no change. I remain NED! While this has been the pattern for some time, these results were especially encouraging because I haven’t had chemo since last November. I am taking a longer break from chemo to give my body and mind some reprieve. The constant barrage of toxins over the past 4 years has taken its toll.

Today I revisited my treatment strategy with my oncologist. Once again I was encouraged to not assume that I am healed and to return to the IV chemicals every three weeks. The advice was expected, and I can understand it from the doctor’s viewpoint. Why mess with success? The question is at what cost? Mind you, the alternative approach is also at what cost? If I give up on the chemo, and the cancer remains in my body, am I surrendering the advantage to the enemy.

And where does trust in God come in? I believe that God is powerful and loving. I trust that he can and does heal people. But has he removed my cancer completely? Does it display greater faith to go off treatment or to go back on treatment? Some people assume that God is the explanation for what cannot be explained. If we can explain it, then that can’t be God. But I don’t think this way. I believe that God has ordered this world in such a way that we can use our minds, talents, training, research, and skill to accomplish God’s good purposes. I will thank God for miracles and I will thank God for medicine.

I believe that I can and should trust God—whatever happens to me. God has demonstrated that he can be trusted in Jesus Christ. Jesus died and rose to bring me forgiveness and life, hope and eternity. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know God, and I know that he knows.

For now, I plan to remember that life is short, so I’d better not waste it. I’m NED (no evidence of disease) but I’m still terminal—we all are—so God help me to make the most of this life that you’ve given me.

13 thoughts on “Good news scans”

  1. Praise God for this good news and thank you for a great little post that gives a helpful mini theology of healing and medicine – have sent it to my church to read and recommended your book.

  2. Excellent news. I am so pleased for you, your family and loved ones. Such good news.
    I have read your book. A brilliant read.
    Please let me take this opportunity too, to thank you for your guidance and prayers during my lung cancer journey. I too have been given a NED after 12 months on Tarceva. I feel I am truly blessed. It is still an arduous journey but one with positive outcomes. Life is so short. we must make every moment count.

  3. Great to hear this news, David. We thank God with and will keep on praying. See you at the Croosroads 20 th Anniversary.

  4. I’m delighted to hear this latest good news, Dave. It is immeasurably encouraging to many, many believers that you allow us to enter into your thinking as you make difficult decisions. May our gracious Father uphold you and keep your eyes fixed on his Son, working in you to serve him all your days of this life, whether they be many or fewer. And I pray that they may be many.

  5. You have said it exactly how it is… for someone in similar situation I often wonder what to do (about treatment). Just the other day, I felt God has provided resources which I can use.

  6. Dave today I shared your trust in God with a lady who has lung cancer and who was encouraged by your trust and was able to verbalise her trust whatever lies ahead for her as she is making the decision whether or not to have chemo or just to go peacefully.It is an honour for me to share her journey

  7. Dave
    Your trust in God and attitude to life was an inspiration to my wife. It gave her much hope.
    She would be so pleased to know that you are still here today, that your cancer is dormant and that you are making every minute of your life count.

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