It’s not a cure, but it is good

IMG_4661My new targeted chemo regime is now in full swing. So much easier than the previous routine of hospital visits, IV chemo, crash for a week, regroup for two weeks, then do it all again. Now it’s just four tablets with breakfast and four with dinner. Instead of a chair in hospital, I can sit on the deck at home.

This week I had my first CT scan since starting treatment and the results are exciting. The drugs are working, the cancer is shrinking, and life is stabilising. The pain has all but disappeared, the coughing has gone, and my breathing is getting easier. There’s increased fatigue, some aches and pains, my heart has slowed down, and my brain has become a bit muddled at times. Latest blood tests show that I am tolerating the impact on my liver and other organs. The breathing is getting easier and I’m keeping fairly active.

Thank you for your concern, your prayers, and your encouragement. I’m very grateful for God’s kindness in giving me a renewed lease on life. God has put a smile on my face and an increased desire to number my days for his sake. It’s not a cure, but it sure is good.

8 thoughts on “It’s not a cure, but it is good”

  1. Great news Macca – so good to hear.
    Hope the side effects are bearable and that you are indeed feeling ok,
    Praise God!
    Sent from my iPhone

  2. So good to hear Dave. Lord God we praise you for the extended days you have granted Dave so far. May he and Fiona be able to rest in your care and goodness for them and not only use their days for your glory but please teach us to number ours as we recognise the fragility of life. Give us the wise hearts that come from this recognition. Amen

  3. Sending loads of love, and praying for you and yours. Good is good and every day is a gift to celebrate. So glad the pills are doing their job!

  4. Praise God! Thank you Dave for this very encouraging update.
    John and I continue to lift you and your family up in prayer. Please pass on an extra big hug to Fiona.
    XxkKath Gallagher

  5. Thanks for the update Dave. Wonderful to hear how our awesome God is caring for you through this difficult time. Great to hear the meds are having a positive effect on the cancer. I pray that will continue and that God will provide the support and comfort you need daily. You are an inspiration.🙏🏻🙏🏻 Penny

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