A letter from lockdown (Philippians 1)

You are invited to join me working through another book of the Bible. I will be exploring Paul’s letter to the Philippians in bite size chunks each day. Please subscribe to my You Tube channel and click the little ‘bell’ to receive notifications of new posts. Being a novice to You Tube, I had accidentally prevented people from getting notifications, so if you aren’t receiving them, please go back to the channel and hopefully the bell will appear for you to click! Rather than post a link to the talks on my blog each day, I will only post updates from time to time.

Below is a link to the trailer for these talks to introduce people to what I am doing.

My hope is that you are encouraged to get to know Jesus better as you read Paul’s letter to the Philippians and watch these short talks. Click on any of the links below to the talks on You Tube:

A letter from lockdown  (Philippians 1:1-2)

Partners in grace  (Philippians 1:3-8)

Big little prayers  (Philippians 1:9-11)

Lockdown gospel opportunities  (Philippians 1:12-18)

What’s your life about?  (Philippians 1:18-26)

Where do you belong?  (Philippians 1:27-30)


One thought on “A letter from lockdown (Philippians 1)”

  1. Hey Dave and Fiona.

    How amazing that you guys are living there at Bonny Hills. I can imagine it so clearly. I’m so happy for you to have such a nice space to hang out in with such a great community. But as I listen to the 2 nd of your Bible talks on Ecclesiastes I know you don’t think of it as having ‘arrived’ or ‘succeeded ‘ at life. Cancer itself helps challenge that message eh?

    I’ve just suggested we do Ecclesiastes here at Kiama Anglican and it’s been taken up. So this morning as I sit here in bed overlooking our beautiful reserve and fig tree with the whole day to myself ( Geoff’s in Sydney minding 2 year old Betty) I decided to start working my way through your talks in preparation for next term. I have a huge notebook. I have reflected myself for 5-10 minutes on the passage and then listened to you Dave and taken notes. It’s made me even more excited to be doing Ecclesiastes at church. But another great thing which is perhaps really the reason I’m writing is to say it’s a perfect method for my quiet times. I so struggle and one reason is I don’t stick at anything as I’m easily distracted to all the interesting resources around . Paralysed by choice. Everything prompts another thought and before long I’m designing a new Kidspot for next month!

    BUT this method of reading the Bible with you each morning is a perfect fit and I think it will be great for my families ( I’m Family and Children worker) who struggle with time. I’m going to get the word out ASAP so they can start now and in doing so be prepared for next term. I had begun listening to dvds in my quiet time but they were all too long. Your 5-10 minutes is so perfect. I’m not sure if that’s your plan but … of course it is.

    The second thing I wanted to share back to you is to ask if you’ve seen About Schmidt. It’s perfect for Ecclesiastes. Geoff and I saw it with a theatre FULL of retirees in Laurieton and I felt…wow this is very poignant for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I thought Now we need someone to stand up right here at the front of the theatre and share the real meaning of life where hope tru hope is found. If you haven’t seen it do yourselves a favour. You’ll love it within the first 5 minutes and it just gets better. Jack Nicholson.

    Best wishes to you. I wish we lived in Yamba so we could house swap! See how much general info we are exposed to about life. I even know your holiday plans!! No wonder I struggle staying on track with devotions.

    But now Im set. Thanks. Tracey

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