Wherever you go, I want you to know

9781784985356-wherever-you-go-i-want-you-to-know_800xEvery now and then I read a book that really captures my heart. The majority of them are written for adults. Most require a significant investment of time and attention. Many require me to read back over material to allow it to sink in, permeate my thoughts, convict my soul, and drive my future. Few, if any, have pictures.

IMG_8872This one is different. Melissa Kruger has written and Isobel Lundie has illustrated a delightful book that captures our hopes and prayers for our grandchildren. Had it been written twenty years ago, we would have said our children. We are buying in bulk and there will be more than one family receiving this book for Christmas. It is a life-affirming, adventurous, fun-loving, focus on the question—What do you want to be when you grow up?—with a punch line that is all about Jesus.

4 thoughts on “Wherever you go, I want you to know”

  1. It’s written for young ones
    and older ones too,
    for readers and list’ners
    for me and for you.

    So whether you’re known
    as Nanna or Pop,
    or not quite that old,
    still as Mummy or Dad –
    here’s a gift that makes sense
    for the dear ones you love.

    It talks of our dreams,
    it speaks of the future;
    gives weight to our hope,
    and backs up our prayers –
    that the young ones we care for,
    though ever so young
    will truly love Jesus
    with all of their heart.

    Grandad & Great Grandad Macca

  2. As someone who was fed a constant diet of well intentioned “facts” about Jesus as a child, I can speak to the dangers of authority figures purveying hearsay as historical truth. A parent who imposes only their own faith based interpretation of Jesus derived from religious experience and the church’s quasi-historical view of Jesus is effectively brain washing the child.

    I encourage parents to be balanced in the information they give their children by being personally informed about these matters. This can be achieved by diversifying your sources of information which includes reading the work of non-faith based scholars who study Jesus. Read the books (you can get debates/lectures on YouTube also) from scholars such as Chris Keith, Maurice Casey, Geza Vermes, Dale Allison, L. Michael White and Bart Ehrman not just books about their views written by Christians.

    1. You should read it. I think you’d find it for the most part really delightful. I suggest you would only disagree with one page — albeit from the author’s perspective, the most important.

      1. I regularly visit Christian bookshops so I will have a look….my comment was of a more general nature as a reaction to your suggestion that children should be told that life is all about Jesus.

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