Merry Christmas

20121223-180522.jpgHere’s the Times Square Christmas message from the American Atheists. And I agree! The only problem is they put the captions with the wrong pictures.

The crucifixion of Jesus is no myth. It’s well attested in biblical and non-biblical historical sources. The baby born at Christmas grew up and gave his life to bring us good news of great joy – that bad people can receive God’s amazing gift of forgiveness. That’s the truly merry news of Christmas.

On the other hand, the Santa story grows more powerful every year. Maybe once upon a time there was a Saint Nick. I don’t know? But I do know that today there are millions. No shopping mall can be without one. And they all perpetuate the same myth – be good and you get presents. Trouble is we’re not. But why spoil a good myth for the sake of truth and real joy at Christmas?

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