Journey with cancer 4 June 2012 – a chemo sandwich

It’s now six months since I was diagnosed with cancer. It feels like a landmark of some kind! The good news is I’m alive. The bad news is I sometimes don’t feel like it. Life has become a ‘chemo-sandwich’. I go into hospital and get poisoned, spend three weeks recovering, and then I do it all over again. The challenge is to put some nice stuff into the middle of the sandwich.

Here are some of the enjoyable bits I’ve found in my sandwiches…

  • Going for walks with my wife
  • Being invited out for a meal
  • Reading some good books
  • Sitting on the swing in the backyard, soaking up the sunshine
  • Having a family golf day
  • Sharing coffee with friends
  • Going for walks with the dog
  • Cheering on the Brumbies
  • Preaching at church
  • 10pin bowling with my boys
  • Learning to write (blog posts)
  • Chatting over lunch with friends
  • Catching a couple of fish
  • Visiting the Harley Davidson shop, and dreaming
  • Having a good cry
  • Buying myself a down-filled jacket
  • Going for walks with friends
  • Reading through 2 Corinthians
  • Having friends come to visit
  • Planning a holiday in Queensland
  • Walking the Relay for Life with my family
  • Playing Words with Friends with friends
  • Going out to dinner
  • Staying at home in front of the fire
  • Going for walks on my own
  • Drinking ginger beer
  • Being inspired by others who are also doing it tough
  • Learning more and more what it means to trust God in all things

Thank you once again for sharing our journey. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Journey with cancer 4 June 2012 – a chemo sandwich”

  1. Your experiences are sort of true of all life – just super intensified. Suffering and blessings sandwiched together. So I think we all can learn from your approach. My sis has MS – and her journey is similar…but slower. It’s feeling secure in the love of God that lets us relish the sweet bits in the struggles. I shall now have a chat with her and a nice coffee 🙂 Ta, Dave. Prayers for healing.

  2. we are continuing to pray for healing and may there be more of the nice stuff in the middle of the sandwich

  3. We thank God for the bad bits too. They make the good bits all the more sweeter. If the good bits and the bad bits makes us more like Christ, it’s not all bad. It’s all good.

  4. This is an interesting message worth noting potraying a true life of a christian. Rejoicing in the midst of suffering, joy in pain, and that you can do important things of life in this hard moment. We continually pray for your healing.

  5. Dear Dave,
    Sue & I continue to pray for you and Fiona and give thanks for your openness, wisdom and faithfulness.

  6. People who don’t know Him insist there is no proof that Jesus is alive now and real in our lives. What you are living through is the proof. He hasn’t taken us out of the pain and the suffering, but He does walk with us through it. May He bless you today and in the days to come with a closer walk and and a deeper love for Him, and because of this may you continue to shine the light of the gospel into the lives of those who are still asking, “Where is the proof.”

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