Journey with cancer 4 June 2012 – a chemo sandwich

It’s now six months since I was diagnosed with cancer. It feels like a landmark of some kind! The good news is I’m alive. The bad news is I sometimes don’t feel like it. Life has become a ‘chemo-sandwich’. I go into hospital and get poisoned, spend three weeks recovering, and then I do it all over again. The challenge is to put some nice stuff into the middle of the sandwich.

Here are some of the enjoyable bits I’ve found in my sandwiches…

  • Going for walks with my wife
  • Being invited out for a meal
  • Reading some good books
  • Sitting on the swing in the backyard, soaking up the sunshine
  • Having a family golf day
  • Sharing coffee with friends
  • Going for walks with the dog
  • Cheering on the Brumbies
  • Preaching at church
  • 10pin bowling with my boys
  • Learning to write (blog posts)
  • Chatting over lunch with friends
  • Catching a couple of fish
  • Visiting the Harley Davidson shop, and dreaming
  • Having a good cry
  • Buying myself a down-filled jacket
  • Going for walks with friends
  • Reading through 2 Corinthians
  • Having friends come to visit
  • Planning a holiday in Queensland
  • Walking the Relay for Life with my family
  • Playing Words with Friends with friends
  • Going out to dinner
  • Staying at home in front of the fire
  • Going for walks on my own
  • Drinking ginger beer
  • Being inspired by others who are also doing it tough
  • Learning more and more what it means to trust God in all things

Thank you once again for sharing our journey. 🙂

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