Journey with cancer 13 Nov 2012 – best week yet

Dear friends and family

Just wanted to share with you briefly about my reaction to the chemo in the past week. There was nothing much different about it, other than getting booked for parking in the wrong place! I was more relaxed this time and succeeded in falling asleep while the poison went in. Prayer, breathing and music all did their job!

A typical post-chemo week involves getting pretty sick sometime in the first 2 days, going downhill for a few more, and getting back to equilibrium somewhere between days 6 and 10. This one was different. Monday, chemo, visiting a wonderful prem baby survivor in NICU, meeting to discuss Shine a light on lung cancer vigil, before having a friend for dinner. Tuesday, I read and wrote all day. Wednesday, I was out and about, doing some writing, and spending time catching up with my father. Thursday, I read Chappo’s book, wrote a review, and had a couple of meetings. Friday, was active. Saturday, I spent the day looking at trailers and thinking about camping, wrote my 100th blog post, and had a great night out with friends. Sunday, went to church, had an old buddy to lunch, and taught a mate how to drive his new espresso machine. Monday, more reading, writing, staff meetings, shopping, people to dinner, family counseling afterwards. Today…

Over a week since chemo and I haven’t been bed-ridden at all! That’s a record! Feeling a bit off – yes. Toxic cloud – yes. Digestion problems – yes. Aches and pains – yes. Chemo brain – oh yes. But otherwise, normal. I probably could have been at work! Wow. Thank you God! What a treat! Grace, Fiona and I all wondered if they’d given me the wrong chemo or the wrong dosage. 🙂 This cancer journey is anything but predictable. It has its stresses and challenges, big time! What happened this time is no guarantee of what’s ahead, but I’ll rejoice in the good times of this past week, and give praise to God for his kindness.

And by the way, if you know our good mate, John Chapman, please pray for him. I understand he’s been in ICU for a few days and isn’t doing too well.

With love,


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