Sober celebrations

20130316-140139.jpgGrace has organized a team of 24 for the Relay for Life again this year. There are hundreds of people walking, running, hanging around. The theme is:

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

There’s not much to celebrate about cancer. Only last night my very good friend lost his mum after a relatively short battle with lung cancer. It’s a cruel killer. It takes life and twists and distorts it. It ruins other lives and the sadness spreads. It reminds us that life isn’t how it should be. It’s a sign that our world has been subjected to disease, decay, and death and we groan for things to be set right once more.

Last year I walked the survivors lap and felt rather like a fraud. This year I celebrate a year of survival, another year of life. With God’s help, the support of family and friends, and powerful chemo, I’ve been fighting back.

I remember some who are no longer with us. Like my friend’s mum, my wife’s boss, my cousin, a number of friends, and countless friends’ friends.

More importantly I remember that God has fought back so that we can celebrate life forever through Jesus. We might beat cancer in this life but only God can enable us to beat death for eternity. Please turn to him while you have breath!

With love,

4 thoughts on “Sober celebrations”

  1. Macca, what do you think of these different sporting events like “ride to conquer cancer”. I’ve got nothing against raising money for the cause but it gives me the impression. Yes, we are strong enough to conquer even death! I am uncomfortable with that. I am a cancer survivor myself

    1. Hi Tanya,

      It’s important we don’t oversell human achievement. It would be so good to overcome cancer, and find cures to so many other diseases, but we all must face our mortality.

      I think it’s also a great thing to support research into disease, care and support for those who are suffering, and greater understanding of what people are facing.

      I found being at the Relay was a way of gaining some understanding of others, as well as showing support and solidarity to others who are doing it tough.

      One guy on the platform shared his story of facing cancer and the complete absence of support from his friends during this period. I spoke with him afterwards to thank and encourage him, and he said that was the best thing that had happen all weekend.

      A few thoughts,


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