Hope lives here

The theme for this weekend’s Relay for Life is…

Hope Lives Here

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 10.53.25 pmThe Cancer Council exists to offer people hope in circumstances where hope is so easily extinguished. They channel money into research, education, support, resources, help lines, and more. They help to connect people with others on the same difficult journey. And I applaud the hard-working team at Cancer Council ACT for this.

013_3657_R copyHope is a word that has come to mean so much more to me over the past 28 months. I’ve found hope in my family and friends, the incredible advances of modern medical science, the care of oncology support staff, an improved lifestyle, a renewed attitude, and so much more. My hope has been realised in so many ways—both practical and present. But most of all, I have been able to rejoice in the unfathomable hope that comes through what happened that first ever Easter. My hope—I believe rational and considered—is a hope in resurrection.

This weekend I’m so excited to be able to share something of all this hope with others at the Relay—to be able to meet people, talk with people, walk with people, share the book with people, and more. I’m amazed really that, God-willing, I will even be there.

If you are in Canberra then please pay a visit. It is a fun environment—colourful, music, food, activity—a celebration of life amidst the harsh realities of sickness. I think you will be encouraged by paying a visit, and you’ll likely encourage others by being there.

IMG_2713If you’d like to chat with me, or get a copy of the book Hope Beyond Cure we will have hundreds of copies available. We will be offering them without cost to cancer survivors and carers, and at a discounted price of $10 (RRP $15) to others. Just look for our stall on the edge of the track. I hope to see many of you there. Here are the details:

12 noon to 12 noon
Saturday to Sunday
29 to 30 March
AIS Athletics Track
Bruce, ACT

Sober celebrations

20130316-140139.jpgGrace has organized a team of 24 for the Relay for Life again this year. There are hundreds of people walking, running, hanging around. The theme is:

Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

There’s not much to celebrate about cancer. Only last night my very good friend lost his mum after a relatively short battle with lung cancer. It’s a cruel killer. It takes life and twists and distorts it. It ruins other lives and the sadness spreads. It reminds us that life isn’t how it should be. It’s a sign that our world has been subjected to disease, decay, and death and we groan for things to be set right once more.

Last year I walked the survivors lap and felt rather like a fraud. This year I celebrate a year of survival, another year of life. With God’s help, the support of family and friends, and powerful chemo, I’ve been fighting back.

I remember some who are no longer with us. Like my friend’s mum, my wife’s boss, my cousin, a number of friends, and countless friends’ friends.

More importantly I remember that God has fought back so that we can celebrate life forever through Jesus. We might beat cancer in this life but only God can enable us to beat death for eternity. Please turn to him while you have breath!

With love,

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