Where’s Walter?

tardisA funny thing happened on the way to work today. Actually, it began last night when I was handed a small blue tardis containing a mobile phone belonging to ABC 666 Radio in Canberra. The phone was given a name this morning. It’s now called ‘Walter’. The full name is the Walter Burley Gri-phone! The phone is being passed from Canberra local to local. The ABC makes a call each morning to find out who has the phone and to line up an interview with Genevieve Jacobs. She doesn’t know who she’s going to interview one day to the next. I was the mystery guest this morning. My job is to make sure it’s in someone else’s hands before 10am tomorrow.

The interview was all over pretty quickly. I was asked about being a pastor at Crossroads, chaplain to the Brumbies, having Stage 4 lung cancer as a non-smoker, and writing a book on hope for those with cancer who aren’t being offered hope of a cure. I explained where hope can be found, both in practical things in this life and faith in God. Genevieve said how good it would be to interview me again in two years time. I agreed. I’d like to take her up on that!

Tomorrow morning won’t be as much fun. I have my first CT scan since February. This is my reality check to find out how the poison is working and where the cancer is up to. If you pray, please ask that the CT will be very clear, as I will probably need to have it without the usual contrast medications. Please also continue to ask God to take away the cancer. I’ve got an interview to do in 2015. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Where’s Walter?”

  1. Definitely praying that you’re still around for the 2015 call – I have found your blog helpful and encouraging in so many different ways – sobering, cheering, thought-provoking (and often a combination of those and many other descriptors.

    Related note: Dave, I’d like to get in touch with you re an idea I have a for an evangelistic event at my church. I’ve put an appeal on Facebook, for we have a number of friends (in the real as well as virtual sense) in common. I hope something gets through.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. God is good. May our heavenly Father bring you safely to him. May it not happen before you have concluded the interview in 2015.

    As Norman Gunston used to say, ‘May you not pass away, until next time we meet.’

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