photo[3]The landcruiser is packed. The roofbox is full. Four new all terrain tyres. One new fishing rod. Surfboards, wetsuits, fishing rods, tackle box, trangia, tents, recovery gear, air compressor, gas stoves, blow up mattresses. And then there’s flowers, candles, table cloths, suits, dresses, shoes, ties, cufflinks. We could play a game—guess what we’ll be doing by the contents of our vehicle!

There are only two more sleeps until Matt and Elizabeth’s wedding. It’s very exciting to be able to share this special day with them. Today we head to Lithgow. We’ll take the long route due to the Abercrombie being flooded. We’ll be wearing our winter clothes.

After the wedding we’ll be putting the camping, fishing and surfing gear to good use in Northern NSW and South Queensland. It’s nice to be escaping the harsh cold for three weeks. It’s also good to be having a change of pace and routine. Fiona is hanging out for a holiday and so am I.

My holiday will be two in one—a holiday from work and more significantly a holiday from chemotherapy. I’m due for chemo on Monday after the wedding, but the doctors are letting me skip the next one. Hopefully, three weeks without adding more poison will do me good, not harm. We’re praying that the break from chemo won’t give the cancer a chance to spread its wings. And we’re praying that it will give my body a chance to get rid of some of the toxins. It will be so nice not to get sick for a change! I’m looking forward to being able to do more with the family and generally having a fun time.

If you keep track of the blog to see how I’m going, and if you worry that no news is bad news—don’t worry! I may not write anything while I’m away, but I will be back blogging around the 21 July.


6 thoughts on “Detox”

  1. Hmmmm … new fishing rod! Hmmmm Take care praying for a relaxing time .. safe travel .. replenishing trip

  2. sounds awesome,have fun. We are from Kingscliff on the far north coast, see if the surf is up for me if you go that way! John Axelby.

  3. Have a wonderful time Dave & Fiona and the family…what a great celebration! Congratulations Matt & Elizabeth! Savour this special time together making so many important memories…
    Love Nic xxx

  4. Have a great time at the Wedding and holiday afterwards. Missing a treatment of chemo must be a bonus and time for your body to regain some strength I’m praying.

  5. HI Dave , just tuning into Macarisms to see whats up. SO glad you and the family have this Wedding up ahead and holiday . Have said some prayers for you today mate – Blessings

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