Book week two

IMG_1890It’s been a while since I sat at my keyboard and typed a post. We’ve been on holidays! Holidays from the cold of Canberra and the toxins of chemo. And it’s been good!

It was a huge joy to celebrate the wedding of Matt and Elizabeth and to be invited to share a few words at the wedding. We are very excited for the two of them and so encouraged that they are building their lives together on the good news of Jesus.

IMG_2044Much of our holidays was spent dodging the rain, but God was kind to us, providing friends who housed us in the worst of downpours. We spent a few days camping at Byron Bay, with the kids surfing the Pass. A few more days in a cheap resort at Noosa with the kids spending each day surfing the Boiling Pot. The remainder of the time we spent on Fraser Island, camping, fishing, and four wheel driving.

IMG_2019All in all, it was a terrific family time, and I really enjoyed the physical activity, adventure and feeling of being alive. Much of the time I could barely walk, due to the pain in my feet and ankles, but it was worth it!

I must have got the 4wd bug, because I’ve since found myself being interested in two inch lifts, air lockers, and dual battery systems! I can dream, I suppose.

Since we’ve been back I’ve had another dose of chemo. No, I don’t know how many more and yes, they still knock me around.

IMG_2025We’ve enjoyed watching the Brumbies make the Super 15 final. The kids are back at school. Marcus is preparing to play for the junior Brumbies against NSW and Victoria. Grace is counting the days until she can get her license. And Fiona and I are waiting to be grandparents!

I’ve been given a recommended deadline to finish the book I’ve been working on, so this week I’m headed to the south coast again to get some undistracted writing time. I’m hoping to do some serious editing work and get the final shape of the book together for the publisher. I’ve also got a sermon to write for next weekend.

Next week I’m heading to Melbourne to speak with a bunch of church planters about lessons I’ve learned. And then I’m headed north of Sydney to speak at a weekend away for the college that Matt and Elizabeth lived in. They will also be on the weekend, as cooks.

So lot’s on! Right now, I’m still in a bit of a chemo cloud. So if you pray, I’d love you to ask God to enable me to think really clearly and a finish a book that will offer genuine hope to others. I’ve probably bitten off too much, but with God’s help, I hope to make a positive impact where ever I can.



8 thoughts on “Book week two”

  1. Hi Macca, great to hear about your break. Have prayed you’ll see clearly through the chemo cloud and continue to strengthen and build up the saints. Michael

  2. So glad you got a nice vacation! I’m praying you right through that cloud! You are always in my prayers. Bekah K-T

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