NED for Christmas

DaveLast Saturday, I received good news from the Imaging Department of Calvary Hospital. Actually, God gave me a wonderful Christmas present. My scan results showed no change. I’m still considered NED (No Evidence of Disease). Is this a miracle? I believe so. Did God use my chemotherapy to bring this result? Again, I believe so. In fact, I believe that life itself is a miracle and I want to give thanks again to the author of life this Christmas.

14 thoughts on “NED for Christmas”

  1. Dave, praise the Lord! How good to hear and a wonderful answer to prayer. I guess you could say through Jesus’ death we are NED re sin – so live what we are. May this Christmas be a time of great rejoicing in the one who rescued us – and thanks that he was competent to do so, motivated by his character of love, mercy, grace, and convicted to fulfil his mission to do so.

  2. Awesome news Macca. God is good, answered prayer. May he continue to use and bless you. Have a joyous and God filled coastal christmas

  3. We have been rejoicing in your wonderful Christmas present, and can now add that we, too, have received a similar gift. After almost two years in remission, I have now received the results of my follow-up scan of a few days ago – no evidence of recurrent growth of lymph nodes. NED is a good friend, but God is a great God. We face many unknowns in 2014, but we do so in the knowledge of God’s continuing grace and mercy.

  4. Wonderful news Dave! We’re so grateful and happy for you and you’re family. We don’t understand all his ways, but we thank God for his kindness and wonderful grace.
    Love, Brett & Amanda

    Ps with or without cancer, you’ve always been a role model and we’ve never forgotten your friendship.

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