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Screen Shot 2013-12-08 at 5.01.14 pmI’ve just launched a new blog site at This site will provide access to the book and, over time, related resources. I will continue to post about the journey with cancer on this site, while also aiming to build resources for people with cancer and those caring for them on the new site.

I am grateful to Matthias Media for all the work they have done to get this book ready. The official launch date is 1 March 2014, but we expect to have the printed books available from mid to late January. They have fast-tracked the eBook and Kindle versions of the book to make available to some of our friends who are struggling in the later stages of their cancer now. If you are interested in getting an electronic edition of Hope Beyond Cure you can purchase it by following the link on the new site above.

One thought on “New website at”

  1. I am so excited to read your book Dave. God brings us what we need and as a lung cancer survivor myself, He brought you into my life. Another lung cancer friend of mine said…”We are all walking each other home”. As a Christian and as a lung cancer survivor, I give thanks to God for bringing people into my life on this walk. Congratulations on another good scan my friend.

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