Covering over sin

coversinLove covers over a multitude of sins. Love doesn’t hold a grudge against the perpetrator. But neither does love ignore sin or sweep it under the carpet. Love forgives. Love bears the cost of letting go. Love doesn’t seek revenge or retribution. Love fights the growing seduction of bitterness. Love leaves justice in the hands of the righteous God. Love looks to the cross where the price for sin is paid, so that mercy can be offered.

Thank you God for love.

2 thoughts on “Covering over sin”

  1. Love does cover a multitude of sins. Sins shouldn’t be swept under the carpet that’s right. We shouldn’t take things into our own hands as revenge. Sometimes due to particular sins of a perpetrator it does need to be dealt with by the law. That is a form of justice. Even if in the end the sort of outcome we want doesn’t occur I believe it is our responsibility to take it to report it. As a Christian I think we have more of a responsibility. A perpetrator needs to be recognised as that so hopefully it does not occur again to another person. If I was in that situation I would report it I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t and it happened to another person. We should use the means we have in this case the police. At least then we are abiding by the law and not seeking our own revenge. We should never hate the perpetrator but their sin only

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