Relay of hope

It’s been a mega busy weekend. The Relay for Life saw about 5000 people gathered to raise money, have fun, and support people and their families affected by cancer. It’s a carnival atmosphere—and why not—for so many people suffering with cancer, this is a glimmer of light in an otherwise depressing existence.

photo 1We were given the privilege of setting up a stall with copies of Hope Beyond Cure. This seemed to fit in almost seamlessly with the overall theme for 2014 being ‘HOPE LIVES HERE’. We gave away about 140 copies of the book, mainly to survivors and carers and sold an additional 40. Please join with me in praying that everyone who reads these words of gospel hope will be moved by God to put their trust in Jesus.

I’d been invited to speak at the Candlelight Ceremony in the evening. This is the somber part of the event, where we remember those who are no longer with us. But it was a great joy to be able to share a message of hope at this event. I chose to use the letters of the word HOPE to share where I have found hope on this journey…

Health—I find hope in the excellent health care we have available and the continual advances in understanding and treating cancer.

Others—I find hope in the love and care of family and friends. I encouraged all the survivors to express their thanks to those who support them.

Purpose—Soon after my diagnosis a friend encouraged me to use the time God gives me to be a blessing to others. Psalm 90 calls me to number my days—to make each day count.

Eternity—My ultimate hope is in God who raises the dead. I urged people to ask the difficult questions about our meaning, life, death, and eternity.

I’d been given pretty tight constraints about what I could say or not say. So I hope this outline walks the line appropriately. My main aim was to get people thinking.

photo 2It was great fun to hear BRB, the Christian rapper. His story makes my cancer journey seem like a walk in the park! What a great thing that God watches over each of us individually. Afterwards BRB said ‘We should take this on the road!’ What do you think… BRB and DMC?! I’m certainly keen to develop ministry among those with cancer and their carers. Perhaps this is the door that God is opening?

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