Divine serendipity

A friend of mine decided to give his elderly grandfather, who has cancer, a copy of Hope Beyond Cure. His grandfather lives three hours away, but they were meeting up in Lyneham, Canberra, for lunch today and my friend planned to give him a copy of my book. My friend discovered that he could purchase copies of the book at a bookshop in Lyneham, next to the cafe. He bought the last remaining copies of the book and then met his grandfather at the cafe next door.

While they were eating and talking my friend was silently praying that I might just happen to pop in to the coffee shop so that he could introduce me to his grandfather. The problem is that I now work on the other side of Canberra and so I was nowhere near the cafe.

While my friend spent two hours with his grandfather, periodically praying that I’d appear on the scene, the bookshop owner next door decided to call me, to let me know they were out of stock, and ask me to bring some more when I was next around. Since I’d just finished all I had to do in my office, I decided to drive back across town to the bookshop, and give the owner another 60 copies.

After dropping the book in, I thought I might as well to pop into the coffee shop next door just in case I ran into someone I knew. Well, you can guess what happened! My friend rushed over beaming, and asked if he could introduce me to his grandfather. God had answered the prayers of my friend in an extraordinary way.

Thanks God!

6 thoughts on “Divine serendipity”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I am still planning to come to AIS tomorrow around 2. Is there anything I should bring?


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  2. Love the story Dave! It is great to hear God working in such a real way.

    Best regards


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  3. The chances of that happening are slim. Isn’t God kind to organise it to happen that way. Great stuff.

  4. Love how God does that Dave – awesome!!! xx..ps..Just did your book at Book club tonight – great!!!!

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