More hope

HBCMatthias Media have just informed me that they’ve almost sold out of the first print run of 7000 books, and they’ve ordered the printing of 5000 more. This is great news.

This Easter has been a time of pointing to the hope of eternity. I was able to preach on Good Friday at Stromlo about the faithfulness of God in keeping his promises through Jesus. The crucifixion was no accident of history. It took place according to God’s predetermined plan.

On Saturday I was interviewed at Katoomba Easter Convention about my hope in God amidst the journey with cancer. They promoted the book and I was privileged to write notes in dozens of books being given to friends and family who are struggling with life.

Easter Sunday we took Fiona’s mum to church at St Michaels in Wollongong. After a message on the resurrection I was interviewed by Sandy about my hope in Jesus. Later that afternoon I met with a friend who has been bedridden for years due to debilitating chronic fatigue and its many consequences. We shared together about many things, not least was our common hope for renewed bodies in the resurrection. Sunday night I was interviewed by Kel Richards on 2CH about the real and certain hope we can have because Jesus rose from the dead.

Monday morning we had breakfast with friends and discussed a plan to develop a ministry of hope among the ‘cancer community’. This was followed by morning tea with good friends who have just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and one of whom turns 90 tomorrow. They too shared their confidence in God for their future.

The last few days have been a change of pace. We’ve been helping my parents pack and clean their house as they prepared to move today into a retirement village on the Central Coast of NSW. It’s tempting to think this will be their final move. However, I realise this simply isn’t true. This will likely be their penultimate transition before they make their final move to glory—with resurrected bodies, to spend eternity with our great God.

One thought on “More hope”

  1. Great to read of a new print run. thanks for dropping off more copies of Hope Wendy will use them wisely. Thanks for fitting in the visit on Sunday. I didn’t realise you had so much on over the four days. Was special to catch up and rejoice in the hope of the resurected bodies yet to come.

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