Surprised by prayer

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As I drove to chemo this afternoon, I asked God to removed my anxiety and help me to be calm through the experience. God’s word tells us to cast our cares on him, and so I did. I also planned to drink lots of water, eat a few lollies, and try to keep my mind on other things.

When I arrived at the hospital, I withdrew some cash from the ATM, and as I walked away a woman on crutches asked me,

“Are you David?”

“Yes I am”, I replied.

She told me that she knew me from university, and had recently been following my blog, and finding it very encouraging. I explained that I was at the hospital for another round of chemo.

“I’ll pray for you,” she said. “Right now.”

I thanked her, amazed at our chance (God-arranged) meeting. And yes, chemo seemed to go much quicker than it had in a quite a while.

3 thoughts on “Surprised by prayer”

  1. so grateful to God that he keeps confirming for you, just how encouraging your painful journey is to so many – like little pieces of bread on the yellow brick road to heaven – keep at it Dave – just one day at a time – that’s all we asked to accomplish!

  2. Its the old saying, borne out for so many, over many years – that there are just more coincidences when we pray. Was reminded of the other old word from an old lady saint – When we arrive Home, that all or our lives, with all there downs and ups will feel like a single night is a second rate hotel room. Blessings

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