Marking a milestone

threeToday marks a significant milestone for me. Three years ago I was admitted to hospital with cancer and, within days, a year seemed like an eternity. Now three years, two operations, 50 cycles of chemotherapy, God’s kindness, and a lot of love from a lot of people, and I’m still here—thank God!

And thank you! For your prayers, your visits, your emails, your phone calls, your messages, your meals, your financial help, our walks, the words with friends, the motorbikes, the holidays, your feedback, your encouragement, your wisdom, your nursing, your doctoring, your acupuncture, your physio, the rugby, the camping, the fishing, the reading, the playing…

I thank God for my life! And I thank him for the solid hope of life to come!

8 thoughts on “Marking a milestone”

  1. We may be on another continent but Gods love unites us all. We have prayed for your healing Dave and believe Gods work, surely, is being done. How He has used you throughout your life to inspire us lesser mortals. None of us will ever know the extent of your anguish and torture throughout this fight, God alone does. The very fact that you are still with us 3 years later tells us that You have a purpose and it will be fulfilled. We remain in awe of your journey in life. You have certainly delivered some of the most powerful deep messages during our time at Crossroads. Thank you sincerely.
    May you continue to fight the good fight with all your might. God is our strength and God our plight. Praise Him who gives and takes away.
    Perhaps we see you sooner than later. Kindest regards and Gods blessings. Jake and Lindy White

  2. Hi Dave, congratulations on that milestone. I enjoyed the book Sandra and Don got for me that you kindly inscribed. I am just one year out from my breast cancer diagnosis and it has been nothing near as hard as what you have been through but very challenging none the less. My husband gave my book to his brother who has since died. Not sure if he got time to read it or not but just have to trust God that he made the right decision about his eternal destiny. Tough times when those close to us are dying and don’t know Jesus.
    I work for Zita Mary doing their typing so we might bump into each other one day.
    Blessings for Christmas and for all the special times ahead.
    Carol Haslam

  3. What joy your life gives to others! I am sorry for all you have and continue to go through – I understand how difficult it is (just a few weeks ahead of you with this lung cancer mess), May God continue to bless you. You are always in my prayers. Sending much love.

    Leslye Garrison

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