Our 31st anniversary present

loveWe received a wonderful wedding anniversary present this morning—yesterday’s CT scan showed that I’m still NED! There is no evidence of cancer in my body. I don’t know why things have been going so well for me, especially when cancer destroys the lives of so many, but I’m very thankful to God. It is now over 18 months that I’ve been NED.

Do I have to continue with the chemo? Yes. Can I take a break? Yes. My oncologist was happy with the idea of me skipping two treatments over the summer. That could mean I get eight weeks in a row without the awful side effects of chemo. Awesome 🙂 We’ll need to make a decision about exactly what to do, but I’m looking forward to a bit of a break.

It’s fair to say that I have a bit of a spring in my step today. I am so appreciative to God for his loving kindness.

4 thoughts on “Our 31st anniversary present”

  1. Lovely to meet you both today. Sorry I didn’t realise it was your anniversary I could have embarrassed you with balloons !!! Congratulations 31 years in this day and age is an awesome achievement. We will be 33 years in January! A miracle of God.
    Thanks for the extra book, there is a lady in my department who had melanoma many years ago and is experiencing lots of anxiety at the moment, Im going to pray for an opportunity to share it with her.
    Blessings for Christmas and the coming months of NED 🙂

  2. That is just fantastic news! So great to read if the Lord’s faithfulness to you and your precious fam. Prayed for you just now.

    Elizabeth Summers

    Sent from The Starship Enterprise

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